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PRESENTING: The AmerAsian Trilogy by Roger Lim

Inspired by true events, American-Born Asian, Eric Young, uses 3 younger identities to return to college baseball 3 separate times. In the hopes of making it to the pros and changing his life for good, he's forced to deal with issues of death, abuse, and steroids along the way. However, in his third and final journey, he ultimately finds himself risking his own life.


Young Again {AmerAsian3} (2017) American-born Asian graduate student, Eric Young, is lured back to college baseball field one final time, passing himself off as 10 years younger to try out for the Division 2 Volcanos. Once he makes the cut, Eric, often injured, develops a relationship with his neighbor, Jackie, the team's All-American personal trainer. But when ex-boyfriend Smaller joins the baseball coaching staff, attempting to win Jackie back, Eric finds himself amidst jealousy and suspicion. As the season progresses, Eric mentors fellow AmerAsian roommate, Frates, also a backup catcher. Although both sit the bench, they continually prepare for the big mid-season exhibition against a highly popular professional team, hoping to garner any attention they can from the scouts that will show. However, when competition heats up between the 2 roommates, Frates decides to take his future into his own hands. Confrontations mount all around Eric, who is forced to search deep within, where he realizes just how closely baseball will always mirror his life. While the Volcanos spiral down toward the worst season in school history, the big opportunity arises when Barber, the starting catcher, goes down with an injury and Head Coach Meyers is forced to make a tough decision. Surprisingly, it is Eric who is called upon to start against the professional Stars.But with Smaller hot on the trail of compromising Eric's identity, Jackie ultimately discovers that Eric's true enemy is himself, leaving Eric alone to suffer his psychological evils. Double Identity, Self Deception & Steroid Abuse.



Great American Dream (2017) Attempting to reverse the disheartening memories of his late father, Eric, an AmerAsian graduate, assumes a younger athlete's identity to take back his one last year of college baseball. Along with Danny, another graduate hiding his true identity, Eric battles his way onto the team, eying the attention of the professional scouts. But along his journey, he develops an unexpectedly close connection with head Coach Pierce, a man who still suffers from the devastating loss of his son. Once an innocent friendship blossoms with Amy, the team's assistant athletic trainer, Eric's honesty, integrity, and loyalty grow severely compromised; so he distances himself from her, in an effort to deny his mounting guilt. As the big Easter Tournament approaches, Eric bonds with his closest rival, Tommy, and establishes himself as a team leader through relentless work ethic, but in the process, is alienated by Danny and Amy, whose lives take reckless turns. Struggling through physical, emotional, and spiritual adversity, Eric winds up on the same field opposite a pair of racist enemies from his dark past. Now he is forced to watch Coach Pierce suffer another tragic loss -- or play in a game that threatens to bring his career, and his newfound identity, to an abrupt end. Hidden Identities, Lost Loved Ones, Banned Substances, Racism & Redemption.

Not So Young (2017) Eric, an American-born Asian college graduate, must steal a younger student's identity in order to take back the one last year of baseball eligibility that he lost when his dad passed away. Monica, his Coach's All-American co-ed daughter, must ascertain her own questionable identity in order to come to terms with the years of abuse that she suffered after her mother passed away. Through cultural, ethical, and generational challenges, Eric and Monica hide their true selves from one another as long as they can. But can he ground her increasingly self- destructive behavior back to reality in order to avoid even further traumatic consequences? Stolen Identity, Manipulation, Jealousy, Revenge & Abuse.


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